The Protector

Series: Blackbeast, Part 2



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Black Beast- The Protector

I watch her sitting on the grass from behind the tree I always watch from
The frustration I feel is overwhelming because of the suspense
She sits on a light towel watching the clouds, basking her naked body in the sun
Her skin seems to glow in the sunlight, so contrasted from her surroundings
She seems exposed, and yet I know she is safe because I am here, I am watching
I know this part, I've seen it before, and yet it never ceases to fill me with awe
This simple butterfly flits past her and she lets down her guard for a second
She has her eyes closed, she sneezes for a mere second and I prepare myself to follow
That split second she sneezes seems so long, I watch as the darkness creeps in
She has her eyes open now, and she looks around bewildered trying to understand
I want to run out to her but the hostility in the air is overwhelming and holds me back
I watch her stand pulling her towel off the ground with her, wrapping it around her
She starts to walk aimlessly, but realization and fear cross her face as she looks to the sky
The fear breaks me, I run towards her, and yet not, my fear she will panic slows me down
I stop before her, standing close I press against her shoulders, trying to tell her its okay
I feel empowered to be so close to her, I realize my real importance and I stand tall
She climbs onto my body and she seems comfortable so I speed off into the wilderness
I know I can make it, I know I can save her as I have many times before
I run through the darkness as she grasps my body, her trust in me gives me confidence
I begin to lose speed as we near the meadow and when I stop she slides off me gracefully
She kisses my forehead and it enrages me, I know I cannot ever truly save her from this
She holds my head and kisses my nose, it makes me feel better but I turn away, reluctant
I look back, I know I have to leave but it drives me insane to see her and know the future
I have to leave, I turn and run without looking back, if I do I won't be able to leave her
She knows I have to go deep down, but she will never truly understand my position
I double round and watch her from my tree, the same one I always watch from
I watch as she lays down her towel and sits amongst the grass enjoying the sun again
She looks alert and aware of her surroundings, I pray that this time she is truly saved
She shudders violently and watches the clouds, I watch her every move, knowing the next
She lowers the back end of the light towel she sits on and begins to relax
She looks as though she belongs here, I feel as though she is made for this place
And yet she is so exposed in the middle of the meadow, naked but nevertheless happy
I realize I know this story, I've been here before, suddenly I feel frightened, anxious
My fears are realized as I watch a butterfly emerge from the shade of the trees…



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I love two sides - the other poem and this one - good job!


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