The Protected

Series: Blackbeast, Part 1



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This is a series inspired by a dream and a little imagination. It was originally called "Untitled - blackbeast" and I still call it by its original name. I later created a shadow poem for it so I had to specify which each one was and now it's called the protector and the protected. It's sort of a story but I originally wrote it as a poem so here it is.

Black Beast- The Protected

The gentle breeze brushes against my bare shoulder
I turn towards the breeze as it picks up, and my hair flutters with it
I close my eyes and let the breeze wash over me, calming me
The subtlety of the breeze makes my whole body quiver
I turn my eyes towards the sky, and stare as the clouds pass over me
The sunshine warms my bare back and the softness of it is startling
A butterfly flits past my nose causing me to sneeze
When I open my eyes, I discover that the wind has turned cold
I look up at the sky and the fluffy white clouds have gone gray
The wind has picked up, and my hair flows wildly behind me
The bitterness and hostility in the air makes my whole body tense
I stand up, the wind is no longer lovingly caressing my body but beating it
I start to walk, picking up my light towel, wrapping it around me with ease
I look around and realize that I’m not where I was, my world was left behind
I look for the sun but it's hidden away, like clouds of resentment hiding the light
A black horse canters towards me from the distance, a wild and untamed beast
He stops before me and nuzzles my shoulder, implying he wants to befriend me
I see the pride in his eyes as I mount his great strong back with ease
The strength emanating from him is overwhelming, and empowering to the heart
He gallops off into the wilderness with confidence, my hair flicks back with each stride
I ride blindly for the whole of the journey, but the black beast knows the way
He leads me into a sunny meadow, and my towel stops trailing in the wind as we lose speed
I feel I know this place like the wind on my skin; I dismount with grace and kiss the beast
He tosses his head, neighs rearing, and slams his front legs down with a powerful force
I kiss his muzzle lightly and the pain in his eyes recedes before he turns away
He looks back, his eyes strong and wild; he paws the ground and turns away sharply
He gallops away, and I sit on the grass, a gentle breeze brushing against my bare shoulder
I turn into the breeze and my hair flutters slightly, I let it wash over me, calming me
My mind goes numb and I forget the love in his eyes, I forget how he brought me back
I sit in the meadow with my senses as alight as a wildfire; I smell flowers in the air
The subtlety of the breeze makes my whole body quiver as though with anticipation
I turn my eyes towards the sky, and I count the clouds as they float by my view
The sunshine warms my bare shoulders, I let the towel lower and it warms my back
A beautiful butterfly flits by my nose; it brushes against my nostril, making me sneeze…



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I love the imagery in this!



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Thanks :D. I tend to toy with mood and imagery a lot I've found. That and extended metaphors.


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