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Attached to hands,
Pointing at me.

Everywhere I look,
Surrounded but alone,
Circled by fingers.

In a battlefield,
Where the shrapnel flies around me,
Fingers pointing.

Everywhere I look,
Friendly fire is always returned,
With fingers pointing.

Harsh words and accusations,
I take bullet after bullet,
Yet still they're pointing.

How long before they realise,
That every bullet hits me?
And they're always pointing.



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this is nice bunny, if this is how you feel member im here for ya always have been always will be



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Thanks Bryan <3

It's just that my family has a lot of fighting going on...and I feel obligated to stand up for all of them and protect them all but I just can't...and it seems the more I try the more I get accused of things that I didn't even know where happening, or saying things to other members (that I mostly don't even know about either lol).

I told them all I'm done. I will always be loyal to them but I can't be collateral damage anymore. It hurts way too much. <3



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I like this poem. Good job! I feel like a lot of people can relate.



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Thanks! It's definitely one of those things we've all been through before.


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